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General Office Director: DAI Jianmin
Tel: +86 574 87279844
Email: daijianmin@nbfao.gov.cn
Protocol Division Director: JIAO Shuanglin
Tel: +86 574 89186515
Email: jiaoshuanglin@nbfao.gov.cn
Friendly Exchanges Division Director: XU Pingyuan
Tel: +86 574 89186513
Email: xupingyuan@nbfao.gov.cn

Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office Director: FAN Hong
Tel: +86 574 56128281
Email: fanhong@nbfao.gov.cn

Consular Affairs Division Director: YU Youqi
Tel: +86 574 89186932
Email: yuyouqi@nbfao.gov.cn

Ningbo People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
Director: LIN Liming
Tel: +86 574 89186517
Email: linliming@nbfao.gov.cn

Ningbo International Exchanges Service Center
Manager: LIU Wenxian
Tel: +86 574 87279416
Email: scienb@mail.nbptt.zj.cn

About Ningbo
Ningbo, or Yong as it is locally known, is located halfway down the coastline of China and to the South of the Yangtze River Delta (120¡ã55’’ -122¡ã15’’ E and 28¡ã51’’ ¨C 30¡ã33’’ N). It is bordered by the natural bulwark of the Zhoushan Archipelago in the east, the city of Shaoxing in the west, the city of Shanghai in the north, and the city of Taizhou and Sanmen Bay in the south. Under Ningbo’s jurisdiction there are six districts¡ªHaishu, Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun, Yinzhou, and Fenghua, two county-level cities¡ªYuyao, Cixi, and two counties¡ªNinghai and Xiangshan. The city covers 9,816 km2 on land (including 3,730 km2 of urban area) and 8,355.5 km2 at sea. As of the end of 2016, the city has a population of 7.9 million, including 5.9 million registered residents. 2.8 million reside in urban areas.
Main Exhibitions
The 4th China (Ningbo) International Furniture Exhibition
The 12th China International Machinery Exhibition
The 1st China (Ningbo) International Marine Logistics ...
2011 Spring Automobile Exposition Ningbo
The 8th China International Stationery & Gifts Exhibition
The 9th China International Housing & Furnishing Exposition
China (Yuyao) Hardware Tool Exposition
National Higher Educational Instruments & Equipments
2011 China International Electromechanical Industry Exhib
The 13th Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium
Manufacturer Exhibition (Spring)
Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal People¡¯s Government
Ningbo People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
Visa Services: +86 574 87187515 Consular Affairs: +86 574 89186932 Invitation Letter: +86 574 87186183 
Consular Authentication: +86 574 87187512 Translation & Interpretation Services: +86 574 87365617 Air tickets: +86 574 87186512
Address: No. 2001 Ningchuan Rd., Jiangdong District, Ningbo, China Tel: +86 574 87279844 Fax: +86 574 89186518